About HotelTIC

HotelTIC is a consultancy created by professionals on Information and Communications Technologies that are very passionate about the Hotel industry and want to offer alternatives to some obstacles we have detected in the sector:

  • The hotel business is highly decentralised: Not all the systems are integrated into one with the intention of improving efficiency and profitability.
  • The increase in the demands of the travellers, which are using more and more digital technologies, are not being dealt with: the guest does not understand if a hotel lacks certain technological aspects.
  • Very few businesses have the right tools that allow them to obtain valuable information for their management in real time.

For that reason, we believe that by helping our Customers implementing innovation and new technologies they will be able to achieve an ideal development of competitive advantages that will play a part in their BUSINESS PROFITABLE GROWTH.

After several years studying Technical Engineering in Computer Management and teaching in a small school in Barcelona, I decided to join what was then an enormous company for me: Hesperia Hotels. At Hesperia, I grew as a professional, sensitive to the hotel business and the wonderful people that shared their knowledge of the sector with me. I often say that I have no training in the Hotel industry, but that I have learnt by osmosis. And that is thanks to the great people I met at Hesperia and I still keep in contact with digitally.
Hesperia started an ambitious technological transformation project with no precedent in the sector. I joined the consultancy team, where I was able to see from the front row the creation and definition of hotel business processes in an Information System. This is how I learnt about Hotel Management, Food and Drink, Storage Management, Marketing.
This was a hectic year for me, where I found it difficult to get my bearings. I had joined a consultancy team to launch Hesperia’s new Management System. I will remember this year as my particular annus horribilis, which I will come back to later on another document.
This year was a turning point. That year I started to specialise in Logics Security in the Hotel Sector. This specialisation gave me a global vision of the processes of a hotel company with a clear business approach.
I was given an enormous challenge: transforming Majestic Hotel Group’s TIC. I took this challenge on with great enthusiasm and, although I had many hurdles in my way for a couple of months, I had to pick myself up to set a path of technological development that I will always remember.
Two years later, EADA asked me to collaborate in their International Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management by designing and teaching a course on Information Systems for the Hotel and Touristic Sector. Nowadays, I am collaborating in two more programmes: the Master in Management and the International MBA. In all of them, I teach a course on Information Systems Management for Managers.
I decided to launch HotelTIC project after several months. I felt it was the right time to share my experience, help others, invest in my future. It was Roger Vall who helped me shape it…

Marcos Marín, Managing Director HotelTIC

My professional experience in the Hotel industry started in 1991, when I took on the license of a Bar/Restaurant in Maresme coast.

At that time, I was not exactly a very conscientious young man, but I was bursting at the seams to do well, to work hard and prepared to make sacrifices.

Responsibility made me realise I lacked experience and so I learnt so much from it.

Obviously, I pick out the funny anecdotes that I have and still share in dinners with friends…