ICT Project Office

When a problem on the systems arises and the IT function is not internalised, the reaction and resolution time increases, which entails an important obstacle when identifying, diagnosing and solving the problem.

HotelTIC offers In-Company Tactic Support and continuous support to improve the capacity to react before any incident.

Furthermore, the market offers a large variety of products and Hotels use many different suppliers for their solutions. This causes administration problems and complicates the applications map, making it difficult at the same time to integrate data between different management areas.

As advisors, we add value in the communication between the product’s manufacturer/s and our Customer. Our objective is to get the best implementation, where the Hotel finds the way to put the finishing touches to its business processes with the technology that it has acquired.

We have a clear understanding that innovating does not only mean purchasing (or renting) technology, but adapting it correctly in the organisation, which implies CHANGES in the way things are done.

We would like to know if you have ever faced one of these problems. Contact us and learn more about what we can do to help you solve them…