Digital Coaching

The possibilities that the digital world offers presently are well known by everybody. But the reality is that we often meet Managers that, while feeling the overwhelming need to “play” in these fields, feel puzzled by the large amount of acronyms in ICT and the lack of knowledge could become an obstacle for a lot of them.

With Digital Coaching, HotelTIC helps you understand key concepts, increase the manager’s security towards the digital world and, why not, make the Manager into a Digital Manager.

Digital Coaching is a PROGRAMME TO DEVELOP DIGITAL COMPETENCES AND ABILITIES. As a summary, the programme consists of:

  • Evaluating the organisation’s digital abilities
  • Establishing development objectives
  • Executing the programme
  • Outcome evaluation

The analysis of the evaluation differential will allow us to know the extent of the transformation and, at the same time, how it will be turned into increasing productivity.

HotelTIC will design, together with the business’ owners or General Management, an ad-hoc Digital Coaching Plan for the project, so that the hotel is able to know the staff’s level of use of technologies.