ICT Projects

HotelTIC offers the possibility to manage externally an ICT project, from a small software change to a complete change in the Hotel's Management System.

Projects Office

HotelTIC adds value in the communication between the manufacturer/s of the product that needs to be implemented and the Hotel business. We are the component that engages the pieces together and the necessary lubricant when these pieces squeak.

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Digital Coaching

We often meet Managers who feel puzzled by the large amount of acronyms in ICT and the lack of knowledge could become an obstacle for a lot of them.

Digital World

With Digital Coaching, HotelTIC helps you understand key concepts, increase the manager’s security towards the digital world and, why not, make the Manager into a Digital Manager.

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ICT Strategy

The way in which users access hotel services has changed considerably. Nowadays, guests use technology with no parallel.

Use of Technology

Managing their reputation in the social media, Cloud Computing, Big Data and wearable devices are some of the technological challenges that the sector has to face in the near future.

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Our Mission & Vision

HotelTIC started in 2013 with the objective to improve the vision of how a Hotel should use Technology, for both the guests and their own staff.
We aim to be a benchmark Technological Advisor in the hotel sector, helping our Customers in a strategic, tactic, efficient and dynamic way.
HotelTIC may be a young company, but it is the result of 15 years of experience in the sector.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle.


About HotelTIC

We are ICT Advisors that specialise and focus in the touristic sector: Hotels, Touristic Hotels, Rural Houses and Restaurants.

We help Hotels in having the necessary tools to manage their business more efficiently and, at the same time, in being able to adapt to the present and future needs of a guest that uses ICT more and more.
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